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Chapter 3: Gravitation?

This topic discuss regarding one of fundamental forces in the universe which is Gravitation Force
Gravitation Part 1 (Newton’s Universal Law of Gravitation)
Gravitation Part 2 (Kepler’s Law & Man-made Satellites)
Chapter 3 Formative Practice 3.1 & 3.2
Chapter 3 Performance Evaluation

Chapter 4: Heat?

This topic discuss regarding one of many form of energies which is Heat Energy

Chapter 6: Light & Optic?

This topic discuss regarding characteristic of light and how light propagates through lenses

About the instructor

  • Faculty of Engineering, University Malaya (Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering)
  • Recipient of Dean's Award
  • PASUM CGPA 4.00
  • SPM 8As
  • PT3 9As
  • UPSR 5As
  • Recipient of "First Class for Graduation MRSM Tun Dr Ismail
  • Top 5 in Class of MRSM Tun Dr Ismail
  • Recipient of "Guru Muda" award for MRSM Tun Dr Ismail
  • Participant of Olimpiad Matematik Kebangsaan in 2015 & 2014
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