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Chapter 2: Pressure?

Subtopic 2.1: Pressure in Liquids
Subtopic 2.2: Atmospheric Pressure
Subtopic 2.3: Gas Pressure
Subtopic 2.4: Pascal’s Principle00:00:00
Subtopic 2.5: Archimedes’ Principle00:00:00
Subtopic 2.6: Bernoulli’s Principle (Asynchronous Lesson)00:00:00

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Subjects Taught: Physics Form 4/5 (English), Chemistry Form 4/5 (English), Fizik Tingkatan 4/5 (BM), Kimia Tingkatan 4/5 (BM) - Foundation in Life Sciences, University Malaya (PASUM) - SPM 2020 8A+ 1A - PT3 10A - UPSR 5A - Receipient of "Tokoh Akademik SMKBPUJ" for 5 years back to back - "Ketua Guru Muda" for Biology, Physics and Chemistry subjects - Receipient of "Tokoh Kokurikulum SMKBPUJ" for entering international innovation competitions  
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