Form 4 Biology Module

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  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Biology and Laboratory Rules
  • Chapter 2: Cell Biology and Organisation
  • Chapter 3: Movement of Substances across a Plasma Membrane
  • Chapter 4: Chemical Compositions in a Cell
  • Chapter 5: Metabolism and Enzymes
  • Chapter 6: Cell Division
  • Chapter 7: Cellular Respiration
  • Chapter 8: Respiratory Systems in Humans and Animals
  • Chapter 9: Nutrition and the Human Digestive System
  • Chapter 10: Transport in Humans and Animals
  • Chapter 11: Immunity in Humans
  • Chapter 12: Coordination and Response in Humans
  • Chapter 13: Homeostasis and the Human Urinary System
  • Chapter 14: Support and Movement in Humans and Animals
  • Chapter 15: Sexual Reproduction, Development and Growth in Humans and Animals

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  • Subjects Taught: Physics KSSM (English), Chemistry KSSM (English), Biology KSSM (English), Additional Mathematics KSSM (English)
  • Faculty of Engineering, University Malaya. (Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering)
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  • Recipient of “Top 20 University Malaya’s PASUM Life Sciences Foundation Award”
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  • PT3 10As
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  • Recipient of “Anugerah Matapelajaran Cemerlang Add Maths, Physics, Biology, Maths dan Chemistry”
  • Recipient of “Anugerah Pelajar Cemerlang Keseluruhan SPM SMKBJ”
  • Recipient of “Tokoh Pelajar Cemerlang SMKBJ”

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